Maintenance Services

We at Mangalam Homes take great pride in our exquisite homes, for we don’t believe in any compromise when it comes to luxury and lifestyle. Mangalam Homes deliver well furnished and warm living spaces which leaves you feeling protected at all times of the day. A home which is born in the womb of good lifestyle and luxury living has been designed for your satisfaction.
Even though our homes speak of attention to detail and beauty, it requires regular maintenance to sustain the same level of sophistication year after year. Along with this the resale value is bound to rise with time.

With these details in mind, we have entrusted our in-house company Mangalam True Services, with the task of providing quality maintenance to our home owners. Effective monitoring systems like MIS and follow-up reports guarantee efficient, timely and economical maintenance. Training of both on-site and off-site assures a pack of skilled manpower that takes into consideration the needs of the residents.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

  • Day-to-day collection of household litter and its disposal
  • Orderly cleaning of surface drains
  • Water treatment & recycling
  • Operation and servicing of sewage treatment plant
  • Day-to-day sweeping of public areas, lanes and pathways

Beautification & Floriculture

  • Trimming of bushes
  • Upkeep of fountains
  • Maintenance of swimming pool
  • Servicing and upkeep of gardens, trees and plants
  • Preservation of community hall and other facilities

Electrical Management

  • Operation and upkeep of standby generators
  • Sustentation of street and public area lighting with substitution of electrical fixtures and fittings
  • Operation and upkeep of lifts
  • Maintenance of electrical distribution system, switch gears and transformers

Water Management

  • Scheduled cleaning of overhead tanks
  • Upkeep of water distribution network including deep bore wells, pumping equipment, storage tanks etc.

Civil/General Maintenance

  • Upkeep of parking areas, roads, sidewalks, etc
  • Upkeep and restoration of boundary walls, staircases, roofs and other public areas

Security & Surveillance

  • Upkeep and maintenance of fire fighting equipment
  • 24/7 security service with gate checks and round the clock vigilance

Welfare to Residents

  • Effortless Resale of property
  • Higher Rentals
  • Convenience of blue collared services
  • High resale value