About Mangalam Homes

about mangalam

When one thinks of flats for sale in jamshedpur, the name Mangalam Homes is brought up with immense amounts of conviction. Even though we exist for the sole purpose of building and construction, the true spark that motivates us to keep going is uphold quality and innovation for all our projects.

At Mangalam Homes, we do our best to bestow the optimum kind of experience our customers deserve. Our primary intent is to construct landmark buildings and housing complexes in within the blink of an eye at the best prices that our customers can easily afford. Thereby, we are determined to outperform ourselves through constant innovations and improvements in designs, specifications and service standards.

Our focus is to give priority to what we have and nurture it with care, since we are aware that we can develop only if the people associated with us develop as well. As frank upholders of Karma, we believe that if enough input is given from our side, the results will be instantaneous and guaranteed double fold. Think property in Jamshedpur, think Mangalam Homes.

  • Mangalam Tower Resident

    Mangalam Towers is the best thing to have happened to our family. The moment we moved in, we knew that we could call it home not only for us, but for the generations that would follow us.

    Mangalam Tower Resident
  • Mangalam City Resident

    I knew that I wouldn’t regret taking my first step into Mangalam City. They have everything you can think, ranging from a swimming pool to their very own Mini Theatre. Brings a new definition to the term ‘entertainment’.

    Mangalam City Resident

Current Project

Spare yourself a moment and imagine a life where every day is a celebration. The entire world drops by your door, waiting on you hand and foot to fulfill your every need and craving. Filled to the brim with the finest of greenery and the grandest of luxury, see life through a new perspective in all its celebration. Presenting your new Lifestyle at Mangalam City, our new project with 240 Best-in-Class, Contemporary Apartments, right in the heart of Jamshedpur.

In order to bring an essence of change in what we do and how we do it, we at Mangalam Homes took the mission to be more vibrant, stronger and fresher. We selected the best ideas we could come up with and executed them in our plans for Mangalam City. Classic yet modern, ethnic yet smart and suave, along with being trendy enough to create a positive influence upon every person’s life.